I'm in a new home now!!
You need Java to see this applet.
We had Maizie for her second shots yesterday. She is five pounds and really precious.  good adjustment, and we
are really enjoying her.
Hope all is well with your and your family.

Though you might like to see a picture of Maizie and her big sister, Molly.  They enjoy each other, and obviously,
we enjoy them both.
Hope you are having a good evening.

Glad they did come out to choose their puppy. They are so excited. I am going to bathe Mazie today, will get her
all beautiful and then send you pictures.  She is so precious.  When she hears anyone in the kitchen getting ice, she
runs in, sits in front of the refrigeratior, looking at the floor waiting for the ice to "appear". Absolutely loves ice
cubes!  Do any of your other puppies "talk"? Since she was really little she makes noises that we think are
simuliar to the wookie on Star Wars, I think his name was Chu Backa.  It is hilarious--her voice goes from one
octive to another, like she is really trying to get what she wants across to you.
Enjoy you day off!

Corpus Christi, TX...Lhasa Apso  "Rio"                                                       No pic available
Hi Sandy,
Rio is doing great!  She's almost housebroken and has established herself as queen of the house! She is turning
out to be the best addition to our household and she is extremely smart.  I suspect we'll be calling upon you in a
couple of months for a companion for her.
Thanks again,

Robert Lee, TX...Lhasa Apso  "Sir Tiny Tanner"
Sandy, my name is Debbie, my husband purchased Tanner from you for me for xmas. We live in west Texas and
my daughter-in-law, Cori picked him.  He is just great, I couldn't love him any more.  I named him Sir Tiny
Tanner.  I also sent for his pedigree, but did not get much.  They sent me the father's name and parents, but I only
got the mothers's name and nothing on her side.  If you have any information on the ancestors, please let me know
and I will send you the Pedigree Information Form that they sent to me.  They said that you are the only one that
can fill it out.  I would like to know as much as possible on him.  He is the best thing that has happened to me in a
long time.  He is already potty trained and is learning the leash really fast.  Thank you so much for all your help.

"Sir Tiny Tanner"
Sandy, thank you for emailing me back.  I am sure you are a very busy person.  I just love Tanner to death.  He
has been a a real God send to me.  He is just what this old house needed. I appreciate all you are doing for me.  
My address is........Thanks again, I will keep you informed as to his progress.  He is already house broke and I am
training him on the leash.

"Sir Tiny Tanner"
Thank you for the email.  Tanner is just great. He is a joy. He is so smart and learns so fast, he is doing all kinds
of tricks.  Yes, I received the papers and have all the information I need  Thank You.  I would like to know about
his brothers and sisters.  If you could send me email addresses or something where I could keep up with them.  I
am curious as to whether they turned out anything like Tanner.  Tony says Tanner looks like his father.  He knows
how to roll over, shake hands, down, stay , play dead when shot and now we are working on saying his prayers.  
The only problem we are having is with itching.  He scratches a lot. I have taken him to the vet and he put him on
Lam and Rice and told me to cut his hair off and add vegtable oil to his food.  I even give him Benedryl from time
to time to help, Any suggestions?  Thanks again and if you have any info on the siblings, please let me know.

"Sir Tiny Tanner"
I sure understand that you have to ask them to give out their email addresses.  You can certainly give mine to
them.  It is ........ The vet just said that he has allergies, but didn't want to give him medication at such and early
age. Thanks again. I will try to get you a picture as soon as I can.

North Judson, IN...Lhasa Apso  "Zeta Lu"
Hello Sandy:
Just wanted to let you know Zeta arrived here at around 6:30pm Indiana time on Sunday!
She did very well in the car and never got sick!!  She got very attached to my dad, she stayed right with him the
whole way here and she follows him everywhere!  Now she is following me!! She is adjusting very well, she was
real shy for the first hour then started wandering around the house.  It is around 10:30pm and she has fallen asleep
on the couch.  I love her so much!! She is ADORABLE!
I will keep you informed!  She is eating good too!!
Thank you so Much!

"Zeta Lu"
Hello Sandy:
Zeta Lu is doing very well!!! She is house broken and getting bigger!  I'll e-mail a picture soon. She is the greatest
puppy!  She loves my 4 year old son and they play all the time together.  She has a favorite toy that she carries
and hides in a corner so no one can bother it! It is so sweet!! She loves to go outside too.  We have a big concrete
patio with a long walk way and she LOVES to run up and down it when I take her out!!  She's amazing and just too
lovable!  I'll be in touch again and send the pics.
It was nice to hear from you,

"Zeta Lu"
Hello Sandy,
Just wanted to let you know I will be getting Zeta's pictures back soon.  I wanted to let you know I haven't fogotten
to send you some.  It has just taken me a while to mail them off.  Actually, Zeta's name has ended up being Zeta
Lu.  She is the greatest dog!!
She sleeps in the front entry way now on her own bed. Its actually really cute, she likes to sleep there through the
night close to the front door, its like she wants to protect us and keep watch, because as soon as the sun comes up
she jumps in my bed and sleeps at the foot of the bed until I get up.  As soon as I do she is up and right behind
me!!!  She has brought us so much pleasure!!!  She is a wonderful addition!!
Thank You So Much!

Austin, TX...Lhasa Apso  "Ritz"
Dear Sandy,
I just wanted to tell you that the puppy is so precious and such a good puppy.  I took him to the vet today and
everything checked out great, and the vet said he looked like a great puppy!! I named him Ritz.  Everybody loves
him, and he is usually pretty good about going to the bathroom outside.  He is still learning. Well, I just wanted to
update you, and thank you for helping me find such a wonderful puppy!
Thanks again,

I love Ritz. Right before I was checking my email I was telling my roommate, how much I LOVE HIM.  He is the
best dog, and every one always tells me that where ever I take him, like the groomer and vet. I don't have a
scanner, but I promise to send you pictures of him at your house. I would love another dog, but I can't right now. I
moved into a really nice apartment and I can't puppy train here--plus my roommate won't let me.  If I know of any
one looking for a pet I will let them know of you. You can always refer people to me, or I can send another email if
you want to post it on the internet as to how great he is.  My sister  wants one also, but she is in a lease place right
now that doesn't allow dogs. My mom is always saying she wants one just like Ritz. I will check back with you
later.  RITZ IS THE BEST!  He sits, plays dead, rolls over, shakes, high fives, begs, and he will stay seated while
I walk away and then call him to come.  Of course I have done a lot of training, but he knows many many words. I
couldn't have asked for a better dog. LOVE HIM! Thanks so much.  I will send you some pictures, as I think I saw
your address on the website, if not I will email you again, to send your address back.  You have to see pictures of

Condga Park, CA...Boston Terrier  "GypsyRose"                             No pic available
Hi Sandy,
GypsyRose is doing really well, she has and appointment to see the vet on Saturday, but I sincerely doubt the vet
will find anything wrong with her.  She is the cutest little thing and boy is she spoiled already.  My mother tells me
she sleeps between both she and my dad and all she does is eat sleep, and play.  My mom also tells me she's
really smart, she seems to already have their morning and bed time routine.  Anyway, I can't thank you enough
and I'll certainly keep you posted.

Gypsy is doing really well, she is so beautiful and she's the sweetest little thing. I'm sorry I couldn't get back to
you earlier, we had gone on vacation and then piles of work to do upon my return.  If you ever need another
recommendation, I'm back.  I went to your web site, the new additions to your family are gorgeous.

Austin, TX....Lhasa Apso   "Molly"                                                       No pic available
We named our puppy Molly and she is as sweet as she can be.  She is doing wonderful.  We are very pleased with
her.  She weighs 7 lbs and 3 oz now.