Hi, my names is Bella!! My arrival at
my new home was just great. I love
my new owners already!!!
Hi, my name is Chachi!
My new owners take very
good care of me, but silly
me, I broke my leg and
now I have to wear this
goofy looking cast!
Hi, my name is Cleo!! Tell
me I don't have the life!! Is
a sweetheart like this
holding you???
My name is Boomer. I got
this ribbon at the AKC
Show of Pets!
Hi, my name is Valjean!! I
own the most awesome
My name is Dallas. I
love my new home in
New Hope MN.
Hi, my name is
Princess Fiona  
and Josh
belongs to me.
Can you tell
Josh loves me?
Boomer has done it again!! Pet of the Month
at Vero Beach, FL
My name is
Boomer. I got
this ribbon at
the park costume
parade !!!
Dillon is very
special! He loves us
a lot and takes good
care of us. He got
one of us from
Sandy's Kennels and
one of us from JD's
Boston Terriers.  
Boomer the HAM has done it again!! Pet of
the Month at Vero Beach, FL
Hi, My name is Kacee!
My home had a buddy
waiting for me to play
Hi, Our names are Bud & Sissy Sparks!! We are US Navy
Military Brat and very proud of it!!!
My name is Duncan and I love
my little girl and she loves me!!
My name is Mickey and I
am very comfortable right
where I am!!
Hi, my name is Sir
Tiny Tanner. I was
the first dog allowed
to stay at this lodge.
Am I special or
Hi my name is Pugsly!! As
you can tell I got a
comfortable home!!
Hi, my name is
Sandy found
me a great
Hi, my name is Baylee! I
like to catch frisbees in the
water, not set here!!
Hi my name is Duncan!! As
you can tell I am cool for the
summer!! What a new home!!
Hi my name is
Nicholas!! I knocked
the ladies dead on
Valentines day!!
Hi, my name is
Goofy! What?
Were you talking
to me??
Hi, we are Sophia
and Torrie!! We got a
great home with
loving people. We
own them now!!!
Hi, my name is
Bruce!! I have a
great home with
wonderful people!!
Hi!! We are Earl and Tulup.
We think we are dogs too! We
go from pen to pen and visit
Hi, my name is Millie! I
am The Queen of this
Hi, my name is
Como. I love the toys
my owner gets me.
Hi, my name is Oscar! I am only 12
weeks old and I have learned to sit,
stay, lay, and shake down. I am now
learning to heel. I am very smart and
have a great family.
Hi, my name is Puzlee!
This is my first birthday
party. What fun we had
with all my dog and
people friends over for my
party. Can you tell how
loved I am? :)
Hi, my name is
Scoot! Have you ever
seen such a big
Hi, my name is Lenie! My
mommie bought me this
great Santa Hat!!
Hi, our names are Spike & Baylee !!
This is our friend. We are Texas
Longhorn Fans, can you tell??
Hi, my name is Cali and next to me here is
a picture of Corky and me. I hope all the
puppies get a family as loving as mine.
Hi, my name is Spike! I get to
travel everywhere with the
people I own.
Hi, my name is John
Paul! I hope all the
puppies at Sandy's
Kennels get a little
girl as sweet as mine!
I love this sweet baby
and she loves me!!
How great is this?
Hi, my name is Buddha! I own Lisa.
Isn't she pretty? I love her!!!
Hi, my name is Webster!!
Now this is the way to
travel!! Bet you don't
have a pretty young
sweetheart to go
everywhere with.
this web out !
Hi, my name is Daisy! Don't I own a beautiful family?
They like to play ball with me.
Hi, my name is Bailey!! This is our
new Tiki Bar ! Cindy my friend and I
are waiting for our drinks now.
Wonder what kind of drink Ryan is
going to fix me???
Hi, my name is Bailey and this is my
playmate Kiwi! Not many of us have
a beautiful bird for a playmate!!!
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Hi, my names is Flower and my new
mom & dad let me get married
09/26/06.  This is my new husband.
He is a cutie, huh??
Hi, my name is Daisy!! My new
owners has a pool and they let me
play in the pool with them. What a
great home!!
Hi, my names is Daisy. I have
a beautiful new home!!
Hi, my names is Boomer!!
I am such a ham!!! I love
having my pics taken! Even if
it means Don has to hold me
up for it.
Hi, my names is Pugzlee!! I play hard
and rest hard!!! What fun toys I have!!
Hi, my names is Abby!!! I own
the neatest people!!
Sandy's Kennels
Tee-Shirts, Caps,
Tote Bags, Lunch
Box, Sweat
Shirts,  Cups, etc.


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Hi, our names are Piccolina & Mickey!! What a great family
& home we have!!
Hi, my name is Freddie and I own a
great family. Wonder if everyone has
it this good!!!
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Frontline, Pet Meds, Revolution
Hi, my name is Abby. Do I have
it made living here in Texas or
Hi, my name is Libby. I have a
wonderful new home where
they let me lay on the soft pillow.
Hi, my name is Gabby!! Yep, this is
my very own little girl and by the
smile on her face I can tell she is
going to spoil me good!! Hey, stop
that, that tickles!!!
Hi, my name is Olivia. I
have a wonderful home!!
Hi, my name is Boris. I am just too spoiled by this fine family!!
Hi, my name is Conan! I
have the best home ever!
Hi, my name is ChaCha!!
I have a new brother and
I think I like him alot!!
Hi, my name is Rondo. I have a
hard life with my new owner!! LOL
Sandy and Family

Well you guys have another celeb from your Boston family - along
with Boomer (who is now 12) is Rowdy who will be 2 in December
(time flys).  Rowdy is named after the race car driver Kyle Busch AKA
Rowdy who drives the M & M car in Nascar.  Went to his Fan Club
Meeting a few weeks ago at his shop in Charlotte NC and Rowdy was
dressed for Kyle.  She had on M & M's (made out of food coloring) on
the white of her and she wore a Kyle Busch 18 hat.  People took many
pictures and his wife luvs dogs and Rowdy was caught kissing her.  
Its on their facebook page under Kyle Busch - Fan Club -  Her tongue
is out and kissing Samantha.  I have attached a pic - maybe you would
want to put on your Family Page.  I know Boomer is all over it.
Luv to see your pics of the puppies.....
Patti Olivieri/Florida
Hey Shanon!!

I wanted to send you an email about our 2 "boys" that we picked up from Sandy's Kennels.  Logan is now
a year and a half old and he is my angel!! I attached a photo of both of them for you to see!  I also wanted
to let you know that Logan is doing awesome!! He was "Duke" when we came and picked him up and I
remember that there was a very nice lady that was tearing up a little because she had gotten a little
attached, so I wanted to make sure she knew that he doing very well and we are so happy to have him in
our lives!  Wilson was Willie when we picked him up (brown and white) and he was a February 2012 litter
so he is a year and three months.  We call him "little one" even though he out grew his brother in his
first for months and has gotten to a whopping 38 pounds!!!  Phil loves that he is that big and also that
both of our boys' ears have stayed down rather than standing up in the tradition Boston Terrier way.  
Phil teases people when they dare ask what kind of dog Wilson is by telling them he is a Miniature
Boxer!!!  He sure has that look to him and his face is so expressive!!  Both just recently had their annual
checkup and shots and they are as healthy as ever!!!  We recommend your kennel everytime someone
asks and sometimes even if they don't!!  I'm trying to talk my husband into letting me get a third one, but
so far, he isn't going for it!!  He says it is because he can barely keep up with these two!!!

Thank you so much for our two wonderful boys!!! (I refuse to call them dogs because they are our family!)
Hi, my name is Rowdy! I am named
after NASCar driver Kyle Busch
who drives the Monster car and
M & M car.
Bolt is getting big and strong! He's quite
the energetic puppy :) He's determine to
kill his little blue dragon toy, shoelaces,
and leaves.
My name is Crystal and I am sooooo
Pic attached for your family
stars page

Samantha  - she is so beautiful
and luvs to play in the yard.
And go to  races - she is  named
after Rowdy Busch's wife
Samantha...Her friends are Dale
Jr and Rowdy who are
Bostons too,